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Jangro Citra Clean Concentrate 5 litre

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  • Jangro Citra Clean Concentrate 5 litre

Product Overview


A neutral multi purpose cleaner degreaser based on natural orange solvent extracts. For the removal of tar, ink, polish, grease, oil, wax, and adhesives from hard surfaces including glass, formica, ceramics, terrazzo, most metals, plastics, GRP and Canvas. Can also be used for;

  • Spray on / wipe off on hard gloss painted surfaces
  • Carpet cleaning and pre-spotting.
  • Removal of chewing gum and tar.
  • Pre-laundry spotter for oil and grease
  • Available as a ready to use 750ml trigger spray or 5 litre concentrate


5ltr: SDS Risk Assesment Usage Guide  

750ml: SDSRisk Assesment Usage Guide